Donnie Stevens Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

“Every story has a life, and every life has a story.”
Donnie Stevens pens passionate stories about people enduring real life conflicts and challenges. His writing’s, Romance, Historical, or Suspense, the stories come to life through colorful, character emotions that stroke one’s imagination and tugs the reader’s heart. The settings for his story telling, often favorite destinations he’s visited, are suited with heartfelt stories about his hero or heroine struggling to overcome what life has dealt them.
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At fifty-three years of age, Trudy Quinn finds herself trying to save her twenty-four year marriage gone stale. While balancing her second career as president of a non-profit organization, she’s busy preparing for her estranged husband’s return from Iraq while planning an engagement announcement for their daughter. All seems to be coming together until a lost letter shows up, mailed thirty-five years ago, in 1975. After reading it, she concludes that if she’d received that letter on time, it would’ve changed her life....more


Spencer Aubreys finds more then inspiration when visiting this most famous inn in Abingdon, Virginia. Separated form the love of his life, then losing his carer job, he desperately seeks a way to put his life back in order as he attempts to write his second novel.

Captivated by a young girl, (Katherine Broadwater), Spencer believes her to be an actress from the local theater. Her story details events that took place during the Civil War when the inn was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers....more


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March Into Spring

“March To Spring” - Newsletter Okay, somebody please turn the page and tell me where this story is headed. A week ago, the day began as a warm spring day, temperatures reaching eighty degrees. Dandelions were pushing up through my green-green grass, my Day Lilies are blooming, and my Iris’s bulbs have pushed through the soil at least a foot above ground. A few days later, we were experiencing thirty-five-mile wind gusts, the temperature dropping to twenty degrees at night, and what started out as rain, more
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It started with a thought. About someone you know, a place you’ve visited, an event that happened, or something of interest you’ve recently read about. Then it became an idea, a yearning to learn more, an opportunity to create a story. You ignore it because it’ll demand much more research, time, and effort, then you’re willing to sacrifice. But it won’t let go. It keeps gnawing at you. The idea buries itself in your mind, lingering somewhere between fact and fiction. You unconsciously more
Short Stories

The Gift

The early morning, mid-December breeze bit as Miles Lassiter leaned against a post on his back porch, his thinning gray hair sifting in the wind as he gazed out at the moonlit, overgrown, broom-straw meadow. Any other time, he would have welcomed winter’s wrath bending the foliage, tracing along the foothills of White Oak Mountain, his home for more than forty years. But instead of watching the deer trek their well-worn path to a nearby creek for watering, or listening to Tom turkey’s fuss over more