You First Loved Me

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You First Loved Me

After twenty-three-year-old Cassie Landers is jilted by the man she dropped her music career for to support him through med school, she vows never to get emotionally attached again.

Zackery Alexander is devastated after forfeiting his college scholarship to play NFL football, only to find out he couldn’t make the cut.

Cassie and Zackery’s chance encounter one evening on a stormy beach in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, sets in motion a friendship between two young adults seeking solace from their disappointing pasts. While pursuing their new destinies, they lean on and encourage each other until their closeness blossoms into more. Zackery sets out to win Cassie’s heart, though he has little going for himself but his determination to play pro football someday. His strength of will and character prevails and wins Cassie’s trust, allowing her to heal from her heartbreak and to love again.

With uncertainty ahead, but with an unwavering love for each other, they plan a future together—until an issue from Zackery’s past returns, forcing them to decide if their love has boundaries.

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