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Monday, September 20, 2021 by Donnie Stevens

One of the questions most asked to me about writing is where and how do I get my inspiration to write about something? First, I would like to point out, there are so many stories running through my head, my problem is which story do I write about. Something you would hear most authors say, I’m sure. Now you know why I’m walking around in a daze when you see me. LOL. And the question I often ask myself before starting any manuscript is, will this story be marketable, and am I staying true to my brand or genre? After all, all starving authors-I like to call us, wish to know their labor of love will sell enough books to encourage their efforts to keep writing. And the most inspiring and motivating thing an author experiences, is when their readers care enough to take the time to post reviews on the author’s websites, Amazon, or wherever they purchased the book. It’s your way of telling others it’s a great story and sending the author a, “Thank you for this story.”

Second, where does inspiration come from? In most cases, you look no further than what’s going on around you. For instance, as I sit and type this newsletter to you, the most visual thing I see is the month of September. So many songs and stories have begun and happened in September. A couple of my favorite songs I remember so vividly are, September Morn by Neil Diamond and Maggie May by Rod Stewart. The songs, books, and movies that are written about or stories started in September are endless. Take the time to pause and reflect on favorites that stick in your memory and you’ll get the picture.

September can motivate inspiration from so many directions. End of summer, back to school, a new beginning, or reflections on the sacrifices so many Americans and Nationals in this great America endured on 911. The list can go on and on. And just like every September song you listen to, book you read, or movie you watch, all have one thing in common. Some musical artist, author, or movie director, inspired by some event in their life or around them, took the time to pour out their emotions through content for you to cherish and enjoy. What motivates you this September 2021?

In closing, to so many of you who have told me you would like to write your first book, I want to share this with you. In 2008 when I wrote my first book, Old Man Missing, afterwards, an author friend suggested a book I should read about writing. I took his advice and after reading the first paragraph and first page, it captivated my interest. It simply read, “In order to write your first successful book, you must first be willing to write your first bad book.” I laugh whenever I reflect on that advice. So true, but so grateful for the friend who shared that book of wisdom with me.

Keep reading and I’ll see you in October. Keep those questions coming by Facebook or post them on my website.

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